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Parallel Imports

Parallel imports of medicinal goods in EU are products imported into one Member State from another and placed on the market in the destination Member State. The imported product is identical or sufficiently similar (same product but different name) to one already authorised for sale in the Member State of destination.

Importation is allowed upon obtaining a licence in destination country for repacking the goods into the local language.

Why are those products cheaper in other countries?

There are many factors contributing to pharmaceutical pricing in EU. Across all European countries the pricing policies of big Pharma companies (manufacturers) combined with local government policies and healthcare budgets (prescription, reimbursement, etc.) create an indicative product price for a particular country. Some products might be cheaper or more expensive in various countries depending on those factors as well as the usage of a particular drug (society demographics).

Cedar Medical Supplies Limited imports European versions of original prescription drugs and offers those to UK wholesalers and the NHS at a reduced price.


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